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Mercantile Islami Insurance PLC offers comprehensive aviation insurance solutions to cater to the unique needs of the aviation industry in Bangladesh. Their aviation insurance covers a wide range of risks, including aircraft hull and liability, loss of license, and aviation-related property damage. With their expertise and commitment to client satisfaction, Mercantile Islami Insurance PLC ensures the smooth operation and financial protection of aviation businesses in the country.

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General Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance provides specialized coverage tailored to the operation of aircraft and the unique risks associated with aviation. These insurance policies differ significantly from those in other transportation sectors and incorporate aviation-specific terminology, limits, and clauses.

Aviation insurance can encompass various entities and activities, including:

  • Air carriers (airlines)
  • Fuel suppliers
  • Airports
  • Ground handling companies
  • Air navigation services
  • Pilot training centers
  • Component manufacturers
  • Maintenance companies
  • Ultralight aircraft
  • Sport aviation

Furthermore, we strive to offer our customers tailor-made insurance policies that fully comply with the insurance regulations and rules of the respective country.